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the hypocracy of sorcerynet

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I was reading my e-mail earlier this evening, when I read this:

To all users,

The admin voting session for a delink of, called yesterday,  has closed. The verified results state that unfortunatly, Iuturna has to be delinked.
As iuturna is probably soon to removed from pools and the address rerouted, users connecting directly to iuturna are advised
to change their connection settings to either the worldwide or local server pools.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Onno and the rest of his team for their years of devoted service to this network.


What? I mean no offense here, but all of the other server admins have delinked from SorceryNet over politics before.  Onno on the other hand, has stuck with it.  Now he is being punished for being on holiday when it became time to upgrade the server software.  The worst part of this is that it was done behind his back, and more importantly, the users’ backs, which is not allowed by SorceryNet’s charter, created to, in part, protect users from DALnet-style corruption:

5.1 Applying Servers.

a) Linking or delinking a server permanently to the network requires a vote of the Admins, with the CFD held on the public mailing list.  Linking a server requires a 2/3 majority in favor of the application.

I’ve added some emphasis in bold.  There was no public CFV, just an announcement.  If you’re a SorceryNet user, this means that the administrative body has now wronged you, and it is likely that this is only the first step.

I suggest that you ask questions and vote with your feet, especially if you are a channel owner.  It is obvious that the administrative body cannot be trusted anymore because they are in the process of violating the charter.  If you’re running an RP channel, DarkMyst may be an appropriate replacement for your needs [disclosure: I do presently sponsor infrastructure for DarkMyst, but would not do so if I felt that the administrative process was acting in an unethical manner].  Technical channels may find a home on freenode or OFTC.  StaticBox is a spinoff of SorceryNet started due to previous ethical concerns and features many of the old SorceryNet operators [disclosure: I am an admin on StaticBox].

Even if you do not vote with your feet, you should be asking the administration why they do not follow their own charter.  SorceryNet is nothing without its’ users, so it owes its’ users a proper explanation for what happened here.

Also, apparently I was akilled in my absence because I had the gall to enforce charybdis’ trademarks.  Keep it classy, SorceryNet.