mowgli-2 and libmowgli-glib

It sure has been a while since I actually posted anything here.  As some of you may know, the current maintainers of Audacious decided to quit using components belonging to the Atheme base system because they did not fit into their multithreaded design.  I’m not going to bother explaining why this design is flawed right now — it can just be summarized as using threads to handle a mostly I/O bound task is generally a bad approach of doing things.

Other than that, we maintainers of Mowgli (and other components of the Atheme base system) have been working on Mowgli-2, which is a threadsafe version removing a lot of cruft from incomplete projects that we got over the years.  Mowgli-2 has had some impressive accomplishments, such as being 10-15% faster than libevent in their own benchmark.  However, because Mowgli has a different eventing model than GLib does, people wonder how you can use both in a GTK+ application and have it all get along.  To solve this problem, I am working on a new project: libmowgli-glib.  It’s on GitHub.

In other news, people who are wondering about Services (especially since IRC Services is now an entirely discontinued product) – Atheme 7 should be out by mid-May.  We’re mostly just waiting for Mowgli-2 to enter some level of API freeze state now.