Audacious is an XMMS/Winamp2-like player implemented using GTK2. At one time, it was a fork of XMMS, but not much original code remains anymore. It can play various different audio formats, supports many output systems and a whole lot more.

I am one of the founding members of, a software development collective which aims to improve the world through collective programming and education of proper software development practices.  The Atheme infrastructure sub-project also creates some IRC software which powers various IRC networks, including freenode.

Mowgli framework

Mowgli is a development framework that mostly includes primitives that are designed to make C programming more effective and easier to do, as well as increasing code correctness.

MCS (modular configuration system)

Atheme MCS is a configuration system that allows programs to integrate into their lowlevel configuration subsystem. Modules are provided for GConf and KConfig, as well as a flatfile module compatible with’s .config subsystem. It is built on top of Mowgli’s object system.


Conspire is a lightweight GTK2 IRC client similar to, and based on, XChat. Conspire is designed to scale to a larger amount of IRC channels than XChat, and features a significant rewrite of the XChat codebase.


UPSE is a PS1 (and later PS2) sound emulation library.  It can be used to listen to sound modules for the PS1 in a number of different formats (usually PSF/SPU/SPZ/SPX/STM though), such as game rips or demotunes.


dsyslog is a syslog daemon built ontop of GLib.  It is meant to have a low memory footprint while being extremely configurable.  It features a fully modular design, a feature not available in any other syslog daemon.