libamz is a work in progress library that allows programatic parsing and downloading of resources referenced in AMZ files.  AMZ files are files distributed by Amazon describing sets of tracks a customer has purchased from their MP3 store.  Due to various frustrations involving getting their proprietary client installed on my Fedora 14 workstation, I decided to reverse engineer the AMZ format, which is basically a base64-encapsulated DES-encrypted XSPF document.

libamz also includes amzdl, a command-line download tool, as well as gtkamzdl, a GTK+ download tool.

Getting libamz from Mercurial

To download and install libamz from it’s mercurial repository, follow the following instructions:

$ hg clone
$ cd libamz
$ sh
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install


libamz 0.0.1 is available in tar.bz2 format.


Screenshot of gtkamzdl