upse123 (command line client for UPSE playback)

UPSE is a work in progress playstation sound emulator. Unlike other emulators (SexyPSF), UPSE supports playing back most (a few playback engines seem to have bugs or are dependent on some undocumented feature) PS1 module formats. UPSE is also the first sound emulator to fully model the PSX and PS2 sound chips’ frequency response curve (although only 6 games on PS2 actually use mods, the rest use streamed music which is supported by, among other things, audacious-cube).

Since version 0.6, it is possible to use a PS1 firmware image to increase compatibility with playback engines that depend on features of the PS1 firmware which cannot be easily emulated. We do not include a firmware image for obvious reasons, but it is fairly easy to extract one from a PS1 using JTAG.

Since version 1.0, all features of the PSone DSP are now supported, including proper reverb and positional audio. Additionally, the audio engine in general has been rewritten, so that most output is PSone line levels. This should result in higher quality audio reproduction. For broken playback engines, the volume tag is now used to compute how much of a pad should be applied to the audio.

UPSE features a strict emulation implementation which is useful for testing rips.

TODO / Ideas

  • Glitch database for buggy replayers / rips featuring workarounds
  • PSF2 support based on OpenPSF emulation engine (partially done)
  • Rework API to be fully reentrant
  • GStreamer plugin


UPSE 1.0.0 is available in tar.bz2 format from

Getting UPSE from Mercurial

To download UPSE from Mercurial, follow the following instructions:

# hg clone
# cd upse
# sh
# ./configure
# make
# sudo make install

Latest commits may also be browsed with CIA.