hpHosts is bullshit

No, really. So, apparently my website was listed in hpHosts because I had an archived copy of PSYB0T on my server so that people could analyze it.  To get it removed, I was forced to remove that content.  What a joke.

What makes it worse is that the guy who runs hpHosts is involved as a contributor to DroneBL, which linked to the malware and specifically said it was an archived version.

He had the gaul to call himself a member of the security community, even though a quick google of him only reveals a bunch of posts on spyware forums and dnsbl mailing lists.  People like him are the reason why the security community needs to stop doing crystal meth.

Also, fun fact: hpHosts is hosted on a bespoke SOHO ADSL line.  Haha.

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4 Responses to “hpHosts is bullshit”

  1. GT500 says:

    Steven didn’t win a Microsoft MVP by doing crystal meth in his mom’s basement. Perhaps you should actually try working with the security community instead of being a acting like an idiot. You can start at the following URL:

    And here’s another good one (you’ll note hpHosts on the list of members):

  2. nenolod says:

    Steven may be a Microsoft MVP, but that means nothing.

    The fact remains, he had no business listing my domains, and he did so anyway. Anyone who supports that kind of action is a fucking retard who needs to go play in traffic.

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