…it’s the TSA’s lucky day.

Someone finally went and said it: breast implants can be used to blow up jet airplanes, so women with them should be given extra security screening.

What was that I just heard?  Oh yeah, the sound of almost every male TSA agent on the planet going “fuck yeah!”

On another note, I’ve been getting hate mail and hack attempts on my website for having the gaul to say that hpHosts is bullshit.  Many of these are written by idiots who think I am not involved in the security industry.  News flash: I’m involved in the security industry, in a way that actually matters, so haha.  Also, ApplianceKit 1.0 public release coming shortly.

One Response to “…it’s the TSA’s lucky day.”

  1. Bricker says:

    Please find a different article directly relating TSA to this, else it’s not TSA. You have a UK website and no mention of the Transportation Security Administration (A US Government Agency) acknowledging these facts what-so-ever.