These are components for Audacious. Most of them are for Audacious 1.4. This replaces my old plugins pages. Not everything has been updated yet, but I will get to them as time permits! If you don't know if you need any of these or not, you probably don't. Also, a lot of these are here and not in the official distribution because they are of subprime quality. You have been warned: if these break, you can keep the pieces. Free of charge and stuff.

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What is Audacious?

Audacious is a media player for UNIX and Macintosh systems which aims to provide the highest quality audio reproduction possible. It is comparable to foobar on Windows, except that it uses a Winamp2-like interface.

You can find more information about Audacious at the Audacious website.

Disclaimer of Liabilities and Warranties

The components on this page are offered "as is", free of charge. By compiling and installing them, you take all risk of them damaging the integrity of your Audacious installation. Please do not complain to me about them, or I will simply stop working on them. If you want to submit a patch, you can send me an e-mail about it at:

All of the plugins are copyright © 2004-2007 William Pitcock Look at the plugins themselves for additional copyright metadata.

List of available Input components

UPSE: The UNIX Playstation Sound Emulator: This is a sound emulator, which is a work in progress. There are no public releases available yet, but you can download it from Mercurial.

Highly Advanced 0.41: Highly Advanced is a GSF replayer originally for Windows, written by CaitSith2. The GSF format is a replacement to GBS sound files and also provides support for GameBoy Advanced titles. It is planned to add support for Nintendo DS sound files in the future. You can find out more information about the GSF format at GSF central. The component offered here is a port and general cleanup of Highly Advanced. 0.40 and later run on big-endian architectures!

List of available Effect/DSP components

eq-audacious-ng: eq-audacious-ng is a new version of the eq-audacious plugin. It has been rewritten not to use skins, as this simplifies the codebase and allows for concentration on the important part, which is the EQ. No public releases yet, look back around Audacious 1.4.0 beta1.

soundtouch-audacious: Glue to the SoundTouch library. No public releases yet.

List of available Visualisation components

Winamp MetaPlugin: Lets you use some Winamp vis plugins under Audacious. Not all of them are guaranteed to work. I originally made this for BMP. Requires WINE 0.9.16 or later, and only works on x86 or x64.

Screenshots (BMP version): 1, 2.

Screenshots of the Audacious version are pending.

Goom 2k4.0 for Audacious 1.4: This is a port of Goom to Audacious 1.4. It is very buggy, and needs a lot more work than I am willing to put into it.


These are links to other plugin collections for Audacious.

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