Fun with Mercurial!

Right, so I have a setup with paludis (the only package manager which makes Gentoo usable), and some ebuilds which use inherit mercurial in combination with my local mercurial repositories to build from them.

This works most of the time, except when big merges happen. I think it’s a bug in Mercurial, but it could be caused by a sandbox issue instead.

Sometimes this is what happens:

pulling from /home/nenolod/dev-src/audacious-plugins
searching for changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
abort: unknown parent af8c5f5e284c!
transaction abort!
rollback completed

When I blow away the repo made by the mercurial eclass (e.g. rm -rf /var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/distfiles/hg-src/audacious-plugins), it works fine.

Go figure.