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We want you.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

This is a call to all of you people out there on freenode, (I know there are some who lurk around this blog, wondering about when I’m going to disclose information on hyperion 2.) We want you for freenode’s support team. I will be up front with you — this is a helper role, not a staff role, but hey — status is not important! This is about the community, and helping your peers get acquainted with the network. This is not a tech-support role, it goes much deeper than that. Social skills are required.

The following is a list, or a basic outline of what your duties will be, if you do apply for this role on freenode:

  • Managing support requests from start to completion.
  • Answering questions from new users, and current users on the network concerning logistical operations.
  • Directing users to more accurate sources of information when you do not know the answer, or researching the inquiry. (either is acceptable, most of the time, the latter is preferred.)
  • Reporting network trouble to the core group (lilo, LoRez, dmwaters)
  • Relaying ircd bug reports to myself, or jilles
  • Working with freenode staff to solve problems

Staff interaction is high, this is not for the weak of heart. (Sometimes UDontKnow smells, but we don’t tell him that.) However, you get to meet a lot of new people and work with them on a personal level. Hopefully you will volunteer your time. We will be holding interviews this week, around 02:00 fST.