Payday Loans Patch You Through A Crucial Week or Two

You can almost hear the crunch in your head when it happens. You look at your bank balance and then you look at how much money you need in the next day or two. And then you look at when your next payday comes – a week or two off.

This is a crunch time, and it calls for a payday loan. In case you are unfamiliar with payday loans, they are a cash advance offered by a lender. The amount in a payday loan is less than the full value of the paycheck; depending on which state you live in, it can be a loan of as little as $100 on up to $1000 or more (depending also on how much you earn - up to 5000 loan).

Payday loans are made regardless of your credit score. This is welcome news to millions of people who use payday loans for a variety of reasons:

  • Sometimes a few days can make a world of difference – As you are probably well aware, if you miss a due date on an invoice it can mean more than paying a late fee. If it’s a credit card, it may trigger an interest rate increase. If it’s a utility or phone bill, it might cause a cutoff of the service, which will require a reconnection fee as well. Paying that bill on time will avoid all such problems.
  • Pay bills on time, improve your credit score – If you currently have a poor credit history, you should know it’s not a life sentence. By paying bills consistently on time, you will be able to raise your score. For those crunch times when you’re in danger of missing a payment, payday loans can save you.
  • Managing finances is not rocket science, but – It can sometimes get complicated to manage the flow of money in and out of your checking account. When you make an error, such as paying a bill too early, the extra cash to make up for it can come from payday loans.

As is clear, timing is everything. So if the crunch time is plaguing your day, payday loans might be the cure.